Woman relieved breathes in air
Woman relieved breathes in air



Your nose is the main opening for your respiratory system, enabling you to inhale air into the body through 2 nostrils, helping us to breathe properly. The nostrils are guarded by a number of long bristle-like hairs which prevent large objects from entering the nasal passages. A healthy nose will filter the air around us so that when it enters the lungs, it is warm and humidified. The delicate lung tissue is then protected from cold dry air and cannot be damaged by small particles like dust and pollen.1 The risk of infection by viruses is then reduced. We are also able to smell the air as it flows through the nose, which contributes to our sense of taste and helps give each individual voice its particular sound. 

But what happens when the function of the nose is disrupted? The blood vessels in the nose become inflamed causing mucus to accumulate that can be runny or dry. The result is a ‘stuffy’ nose, considered one of the worst symptoms of a nasal disorder as it can lead to difficulties in breathing, hearing and sleeping.1

To restore the normal function of the nose, an effective nasal decongestant is essential. Otrivin is able to provide a solution to this discomfort for adults, adolescents, children who are 24 months and older.

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